Alice Maclaine, Creche leader
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Alice Maclaine, Creche leader

Alice Maclaine is a qualified Montessori teacher and children’s yoga teacher – including children with special needsĀ She has twelve years of experience in caring for children and babies and is fully trained in first aid.

She is currently studying Tibetan Buddhism and meditation. Alice has an 11-year-old son and lives and works in northwest London.

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I was there at Mamaheaven just last week, and it was an amazing experience. My son who is 1 year had a great time, running around playing with all there team and not just the toys/ other babies around. Everyone was so friendly and made us feel at home. Everything was very comfortable and at ease. The food, i don't even have words to describe, it was absolutely amazing. Being a vegetarian it was a real treat outside home. Mamaheaven was truly a bliss, and worth every penny, time and effort. I am sure i'll be back at some point and i highly recommend to all the new mums. It is very relaxing and completely unwinds you. They have so much to offer there, that made me think that every mum should experience this heaven atleast once.
Shilpi Gupta, London

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