Alice Maclaine, Creche leader
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Alice Maclaine, Creche leader

Alice Maclaine is a qualified Montessori teacher and children’s yoga teacher – including children with special needs She has twelve years of experience in caring for children and babies and is fully trained in first aid.

She is currently studying Tibetan Buddhism and meditation. Alice has an 11-year-old son and lives and works in northwest London.

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What a wonderful few days. It was my first big adventure away from home and it couldn't have been better. The team were amazing, always on hand to help and support. I felt completely safe handing over my baby, so I could have a treatment. Not something I do easily! The venue was beautiful and comfortable, the food was delicious. Sitting around a big table sharing stories with other mothers, a luxury. I came home rested, nourished and far more confident in myself as a mother. Thank you, Mama Heaven
Anna Kendall, London

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