Natalie Keegan, Cranio-sacral Therapist
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Natalie Keegan, Cranio-sacral Therapist

Natalie Keegan trained at the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust and has since specialised in working with pregnant mothers and babies, visceral intelligence and neurology in practice.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy which has its roots in osteopathy and can help with many physical and emotional problems in mothers and in babies.

As a practitioner, Natalie is deeply holistic and intuitive. Her treatments are one-to-one with mothers and/or babies – usually involving home visits – and she works in the Brighton and Lewes area.

First treatments after birthing deeply relax mothers and often give them a renewed sense of themselves and their bodies. Babies also benefit greatly from a craniosacral treatment, helping them to unlock subtle problems associated with their birth that, if left untreated, can cause trauma later on.

Natalie also runs relaxation, painting and meditation classes for pregnant women and meditation and movement classes for mixed groups. She has two daughters and  works in schools teaching art classes as well as creating interactive art installations  from natural materials,at outdoor events.


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This is far more than a pampering weekend, it's a precious opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the incredible journey of motherhood. It was such a special weekend, led by inspirational women. I have come away so appreciative of my daughter, totally refreshed, and inspired to keep up a dedicated yoga practice (something I had thought was part of the old me, that I might not have time for now...) and excited about all the joys and challenges being a mum will bring. I want to be awake to it all. I feel the retreat has really enriched my life. Thank you.
Frances Brodrick, London

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