Petra Moxley, Masseuse and Mctimoney Chiropractor
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Petra Moxley, Masseuse and Mctimoney Chiropractor

Petra Moxley, Mamaheaven Masseuse and Mctimoney Chiropractor

Petra is a registered McTimony Chiropractor and has been a massage therapist for over 20 years. Her McTimoney and massage treatments cover a range of issues in the world of menstruation pregnancy & birth. She holds a Batchelor of Science degree in Health Sciences and Complementary Therapies and is a qualified and registered McTimony Chiropractor 

In her pregnant clients she has had great success in treating Pubic Dysfunction Syndrome, often bought about by the softening and repositioning of the skeletal system and more general structural misalignment issues.

Postnatally her treatments help the body to recover from pregnancy and birth and plays a supporting role in the life of a new mother and she has had success with:





She is also an experienced codependency and relationship mentor

Her holistic approach considers the mental and emotional elements of disharmony in the body as well as the physical ones. Treatments are adapted to suit each person as an individual.

Petra works primarily in two London based clinics and a thriving private practice in North London,she can travel for home visits for massage mctimony treatments and consulting. she can also work over the phone and skype.He also travels to europe working with world wide retreat companies and has been on the Mamaheaven team form the start.


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I have just returned from my third Mamaheaven retreat, with my third baby, and I loved it (the retreat, not the baby) as much as the last two. I feel safe leaving the baby in the capable hands of the creche ladies. The food is unusual and delicious. The company and sense of togetherness of the participants is always heart-warming. But what I love the most is the excellent quality of the activities, the yoga, massage etc. They take me to a place that I don't normally go in my usual day and its great to get out! Lucky us to have you, Mamaheaven. Thank you again.
Alex Fontanelli, Knowlton Court, Kent

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