Tania Smith, Coordinator
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Tania Smith, Coordinator

Co-founder of Mamaheaven and the first port of call for mothers enquiring about the retreat, Tania Smith lives in Brighton with her two daughters. She is also the creator of the Mamaheaven goodie bag and has a passion for all things organic.

She works for Youtous www.youtous.co.uk – alternative ante-natal classes for expectant parents. She specializes in post-natal advice – care of mother and baby, successful recovery during the babymoon, baby’s health, nappy choices and issues surrounding vaccinations. As well as her regular work with groups she also takes private one-to-one classes as a post-birth educator.

She has also studied psychology, massage, beauty therapy and FET (Family Effectiveness Training) and is currently training to be a breastfeeding counselor.

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This was my second mamaheaven with my second child and it was even better than my first experience- absolute bliss! Apart from the wonderful location, great food, massages and other treats what really sticks in my mind is the loving, warm and nurturing atmosphere. Such a special time- thank you!
anne Katrin Schlag, London