McTimony Chiropractic
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McTimony Chiropractic

One of the treatments we like to offer at Mamaheaven is McTimoney Chiropractic – a method that we experienced after giving birth and believe should be available to all mothers at this crucial stage.

McTimoney Chiropractic is a very gentle form of body realignment – using very soft movements the practitioner can realign the skeletal system. We have found from our own experience as new mums that McTimony is the best way to realign the pelvis after birth.

A very small and seemingly subtle misalignment in the pubic bone can affect the whole skeletal system causing huge amounts of neck and back ache for many years to come. Our fantastic practitioner checks the whole area affected by the birth to assess what treatments are needed.

Occasionally more than one session is required to make the structural realignments permanent, but most mothers tell us how their immediate pain and discomfort has been instantly relieved.

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