Penrhos Court, Herefordshire
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Penrhos Court, Herefordshire

Since its first steps, the home of Mamaheaven has been the beautiful and enchanting Penrhos Court, where we have grown with the wonderful support of Daphne Lambert, owner and chef.

Daphne Lambert runs a wonderful kitchen where fresh, organic ingredients are prepared so they offer the utmost in nutritional value. Bread is baked fresh every day and there is also a fine selection of organic wines. Penrhos Court was the first restaurant to be awarded the Soil Association organic symbol and Daphne Lambert is co-author of the Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook.

The beautiful bedrooms, in the converted threshing barn, are named after birds found nearby. All are non-smoking and have en-suite bathrooms and organic linen.

ancient buildings renovated with love and care…

This is the oldest part of the manor house, dating from about 1280,

The first floor is constructed into squares of about six feet with the joists and then the floor boards in each square at 90 degrees to the adjacent square, giving a chequer board pattern.

The circle or Celtic cross design of the timber construction in the front gable end, seen from the outside, is called cusping and is just for decoration.


I have just returned from my third Mamaheaven retreat, with my third baby, and I loved it (the retreat, not the baby) as much as the last two. I feel safe leaving the baby in the capable hands of the creche ladies. The food is unusual and delicious. The company and sense of togetherness of the participants is always heart-warming. But what I love the most is the excellent quality of the activities, the yoga, massage etc. They take me to a place that I don't normally go in my usual day and its great to get out! Lucky us to have you, Mamaheaven. Thank you again.
Alex Fontanelli, Knowlton Court, Kent