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Craniosacral therapy involves listening to the natural cranial sacral rhythm in the body, a subtle tidal fluid motion of the cerebralspinal fluid which bathes and cushions the brain and spinal cord.

The practitioner is trained to listen to the rhythmic flow of the living system the central nervous system, bones, fluids and tissues. Areas of contraction caused by physical or emotional impact inhibit this flow and can indicate the root of the problem. The therapist provides an opportunity for the body to recognise and let go of this holding pattern and return to a more central, balanced and healthier state of being.

It is highly suitable for all ages, and very beneficial for babies, and many conditions during and after pregnancy. It works with the body’s inherent healing potential for structural problems through to emotional ones. Deeply relaxing, it is also beneficial for just finding a restful stillness, which in turn resources the body and brings a sense of wellbeing.

Post-natally it is particular helpful for pelvic realignment, digestion, pubic symphysis, hormonal rebalancing, back problems, release of emotional trauma, emotional release, postpartum depression and calming the central nervous system to alleviate anxiety.

Many babies experience strong compressive forces during birth, which can cause a contraction within their system. This can manifest as shock and trauma, leading to other conditions. If treated at this stage the birth trauma can be resolved before traumatic holding patterns become set within the physical body. It has been shown to benefit the following – breastfeeding difficulties, colic, reflux, digestion, sleep issues, distress/crying, difficulty settling and Irregular head shape

It is also very beneficial for shock or discomfort resulting from premature birth, Caesarean and assisted births and separation from parents.

Mamaheaven frequently offers Craniosacral as an extra on our retreats with the highly intuitive Natalie Keegan.

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  1. Fascinating Interview with Ray Castellino describing the birth and development of his Womb Surround work and how important it is to include the babies in the birth
    conversations, that it is a sacred story and it
    belongs to the baby as much as it belongs to the mom

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