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Taking inspiration from the book What Mothers Do by Naomi Stadlen an intrinsic element of Mamaheaven is the Mamacircle workshop.

Mamascircle, is led by Paula Gallardo, to discuss relevant or pertinent issues about motherhood, this hugely powerful practice used the world over by traditional cultures to big businesses. Sharing points of views and feelings in a guided circle contributes to a deep communal respect, greater understanding and even conflict resolution.

During a Mamacircle at Mamaheaven, mothers are encouraged to either focus on a particular topic that has come up over their stay or on anything that comes up at the time. They gently take it in turns to share, if they want, and encouraged to listen with an open heart and mind. Participants are asked not to interrupt and to talk from their own heart on their turn. Already barriers have been broken down and strong friendships formed in the safe and supportive environment of Mamaheaven so mothers feel very secure and free to share or to remain as listeners if they prefer.

Time is taken to clear their minds of chatter, preconceptions and resistances and many admit to an initial fear of sharing openly before the group. Before long, however, it’s usually a case of too much chatter and Mamacircle usually ends with laughter at the fact that everyone found it hard to start and now can’t stop!

Often the babies join the session, which always creates a warm space with mothers supporting mothers to have time for themselves even with their babes in arms or in the room.

The effects of downloading and discussing issues, problems and achievements in a loving and supported space is fantastic and we have had many mothers starting Mamacircles in their communities

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