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At Mamaheaven we felt it was necessary to create a one-to-one counseling session, known as Mamatime, which is available to all our mothers during each retreat.

Pregnancy, childbirth and relationships bring about a variety of emotional challenges. Other issues could include struggling with guilt when you return to work or, conversely, stay-at-home mums feeling they’ve given up too much. Raising confident children and remaining happy yourself in a culture of conflicting expectations and social pressure is a daunting task and it is not uncommon to feel alone, lost and anxious when you are struggling with some of these challenges.

At Mamaheaven, away from your family, friends, work and other responsibilities many of these issues, and others, can rise to the fore and our counselor can help you focus on them and start to deal with them.

Mamatime gives mothers a chance to focus on themselves and their own needs and to find a supportive, understanding guide. They can go over any feelings that have come up, ask questions, get advice and vital resources to take away.

There are many mothers who may have had previous experience of counseling and therapy yet they still find these sessions helpful since they are very focused on the deeper parts of our mothering journey, understanding our own relationships with our mothers, our partners and our children and helping to find resolution and peace with the new parts of ourselves brought out by being a mother, while keeping in touch with our core self

Many of our mothers have carried on seeing the counselors or having ‘ catch up‘ session over Skype after their stay.

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  1. hetty says:

    Many are the hearts that have learned to love one other deeply.
    Rarer is the heart that has learned to love its own self deeply.
    Rarer, still, is the heart that has learned to love the world deeply.

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