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Yoga at Mamaheaven is so much more than your average post-natal exercise class.

By taking part in the daily yoga sessions offered over the retreat mamas get a chance to immerse themselves in the multi-layered effects of yoga, getting in touch with their new bodies – the bodies that have been transformed by the experience of childbirth, feeding and parenting. We observe as mothers marvel at feeling their new muscles as much as their forgotten ones, and re-acquaint themselves with being physical.

It’s not only their bodies they are getting in touch with but the yoga also allows them to reconnect to their spirit. Bearing another soul into this world is a deeply spiritual experience that mothers often don’t get a chance to reflect on.

At Mamaheaven the mamas get a chance to slow down their minds without the pressure of the outside world crashing in as it so often does at the end of yoga sessions at home. The classes are also peppered with information on health and well-being with helpful pointers on how to relax and cope with the complicated demands of family life.

The yoga sessions are run by very experienced, carefully selected yoga teachers, who are also mothers. These teachers guide mothers new to yoga as much as the experienced yogi to a new level of understanding of themselves and their practice.

The sessions are held in the morning before breakfast whilst the babies are cared for in the nearby crèche. This frees the mothers up to really absorb the yoga sessions. If the babies, for whatever reason, need their mothers the two are re-united causing the least disturbance to the yoga classes but ensuring that the mothers can relax knowing their babies are happy.

We also offer one-one yoga sessions, which include childcare, and can be done in the mother’s spare time over the retreat. These deeply personal yoga classes give mothers a chance for an extra stretch or time to focus on particular parts of their body and practice.

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