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Motherhood in the modern world

Having the honour of working with new mums I sometimes think maybe motherhood is getting easier in the modern world…..maybe?

Just today I was helping a Mum prepare for her babymoon and I asked if she used an Electronic Book, as I have noticed they have revolutionized breastfeeding. Although they may have stiff competition from the smart phone, tablet and laptop, the more affordable Electronic Book has the power for mums to be able to access a book (often cheaper) within seconds, and unlike the traditional book you can read it one-handed. Crucially the screens of the Electronic Book do not emit toxins into mum and baby’s precious environment.

And those smart phones and tablets are pretty smart – there are apps for everything! There’s an app that tells you what breast you used on your last feed, although I have fond memories of my pretty elastic bracelet that I swapped from wrist to wrist. This app can even record your baby’s cry so you can listen to it to stimulate milk flow when pumping – I know that would have helped me with my futile attempts at expressing.

Of course you can also check the internet for everything at anytime and get answers that suit your own instincts and beliefs, your language and your culture.

There are forums and networks for every stage of pregnancy, birth and parenting where you can talk 24-7 to likeminded folk around the word making the world seem closer and friendlier, there are Whatsapp groups chatting to each other during 4am feeds and Whatsapp fathers sharing wisdoms, tips and laughs.

In the real world, there are breastfeeding councilors on the maternity wards that also pay home visits; there are breastfeeding cafes in nearly all boroughs of London and in most towns. There are sling meets, attachment parenting groups, mothers- talking meets and baby friendly exercise groups from yoga to buggy runs in the park and creating your own group has never been easier.

On practical and environmental levels the washable nappies are next level too compared to how they once were, not only are they cute as can be but they are more affordable, easily available, they wash at low temperatures, they need no soaking and dry within what seems like moments. I see no good reason not to use them.

All of theses things cannot change the momentous and challenging experience that it is to nurture a baby and raise a child. No gadget can replace our genuine need for human contact and they all have pros and cons but if we use them wisely they can give us huge support and frankly we need all the help we can get.

Let us know what things you find or found were an invaluable support on your mothering journey.

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