Specially tailored yoga retreats for women.
Mamaheaven for mothers and babies under 18 months old.
Menoheaven for women before, during or after the menopause.
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Next Menoheaven: 26-28th March
Mamaheaven: 10-12th April
At Florence House, Sussex UK

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  • Menoheaven 26-28th March 2018 at Florence House, Sussex UK.
  • Mamaheaven 10-12th April 2018 at Florence House, Sussex UK
  • Menoheaven 2-4th October 2018 at Florence House, Sussex UK
  • Mamaheaven 16-18 October 2018 at Florence House, Sussex UK


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What a wonderful few days. It was my first big adventure away from home and it couldn't have been better. The team were amazing, always on hand to help and support. I felt completely safe handing over my baby, so I could have a treatment. Not something I do easily! The venue was beautiful and comfortable, the food was delicious. Sitting around a big table sharing stories with other mothers, a luxury. I came home rested, nourished and far more confident in myself as a mother. Thank you, Mama Heaven
Anna Kendall, London

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