Here are the dates and venues for future Mamaheaven & Menoheaven retreats.

Retreats costs from £550-£790 depending on which type of retreat you choose and the venue.

We schedule around four retreats a year and try to fit them in seasonally so they are spread throughout the year. We hope you can find a date that suits you and your family.

For Mamaheaven, your baby does need to be eighteen months or younger to attend. You can book while you are pregnant, using your due date as a guide to your baby’s birthday. There is no ‘perfect age’ to bring your baby to Mamaheaven – each stage in that first year-and-a-half is unique and Mamaheaven caters for the needs of all mothers and babies.

We may add extra Mamaheaven and Menoheaven dates, so please check back or sign up to our newsletter.


Menoheaven 5th-7th December 2017

Florence House, UK

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